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Toby Brand

As a Oklahoma Choctaw Nation Native American tribal member, I am proud to be back in Oklahoma where I can build my personal and professional roots. I have lived out of state for the last 20 years, during which time, I obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in International Business and Marketing at the University of Colorado. My degree, along with 18 years of experience in business management, business development, and sales, as well as owning multiple businesses, has prepared me for my journey ahead as I join Pitch Perfect on their mission to create positive change in the home improvement industry. 

My goal is to provide excellent customer service where my customers feel supported and at ease through the process of their home improvement needs and desires. My training has given me the knowledge to know the “how”, but my life experiences have given me my “why”. I enjoy building relationships, both personally and professionally. I believe this way of doing business creates authentic, sustainable working relationships that can last a lifetime. As a member of 7th Level Communication and Leadership, I believe communication is such a valuable skill to have to be a trusted advisor and advocate for our customers. I am looking forward to growing the business with my contributions as Vice President of Sales.

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