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Chrisinda Gonzales

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Chrisinda Gonzales - CFO & Office Manager

Chrisinda has lived in the Oklahoma City area since 1997.  She grew up around real estate and property management as a part of life. She and her husband, Daniel, opened their remodeling business in 2009 along with a family friend. Chrisinda came on as Chief Financial Officer and Office Manager of that company in 2013 and has operated in that capacity ever since. 
She has brought a level of stability and strength to the company through her experience in construction finances and leadership. She continues to push the company forward with a focus on financial integrity and excellence. She also gives guidance and counsel to the her husband in managing Operations and Business Growth and Forecasting.
Chrisinda is a mom of 2 fast-growing boys. She is an incredibly talented vocalist and worship leader. She is a compassionate friend, daughter, wife, and mother. She enjoys spending time with her boys, her dog Coco, vacationing with family, and time spent with her friends and family.

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